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Lighthouse Trading is a wine exports company formed in December 2018.

The two Directors and shareholders, Andrew Ing and Michael de Villiers, are University friends from way back in 1985, with a combination of exports and commercial experience and a passion for South African wines. They have teamed up to explore opportunities in many of the growing global wine markets.

灯塔贸易公司 (Lighthouse Trading) 是一家葡萄酒出口公司,成立于2018 年12 月。公司的两位 董事和股东,安德鲁•英 (Andrew Ing) 和迈克尔•德维利斯 (Michael de Villiers) 是相识多年的 大学同学,早在1985 年就彼此认识。由于两人具备有出口和商业经验以及对南非葡萄酒的热 爱,因此决定联手在日益增长的全球葡萄酒市场中,寻找契机。

Lighthouse Trading is a member of WOSA, the non-profit industry organisation which promotes the export of all South African wine in key international markets. Our mission is to further drive the growth of South African wines on the world stage, from lifestyle to premium wines, and in particular to seek out the markets that are showing the most potential for growth.

We are teaming up with like-minded producers who can entrust us with their products, and we are forming lasting relationships with global partners who can rely on us for integrity, efficiency and professionalism in a competitive space.

Our first stop is Prowein Trade Show in Dusseldorf 17th to 19th March. Mike will be there and will be setting up numerous meetings with importers in our target markets. We look forward to meeting you.

灯塔贸易公司是南非葡萄酒协会 (WOSA) 的成员。南非葡萄酒协会是一个非营利性行业组织, 旨在致力于将南非生产的葡萄酒出口到各主要国际市场。我们的企业使命乃是协助推动各种南 非葡萄酒在世界舞台上的发展,重点着重在寻找最具增长潜力的市场。

目前我们正积极与志同道合的生产商合作,同时凭借着我们在竞争市场中秉持的诚信、高效和 专业态度,与全球各地的合作伙伴建立长期关系。

我们的第一站是3月17日至19日在杜塞尔多夫举行的普罗文贸易展 (Prowein Trade Show)。届时迈克尔将与我们目标市场中的多家进口商会面。我们期待在贸易展上与您相见。

Meet The Team...


Andrew Ing


In merging Andrew's experience in retailing wine with his exports knowledge, he has formed a primarily wine-focussed exports company called Lighthouse Trading, with his long-time friend from University, Mike de Villiers, as a partner.

结合安德鲁在葡萄酒零售方面的经验以及出口方面的知识,他与他多年的大学朋友迈克尔•德维利斯合作,共同成立一家以葡萄酒为主的出口公司,即灯塔贸易公司 (Lighthouse Trading) 。

Michael de Villiers


Michael originates from the Eastern Free State, and graduated with a B.Com degree from UKZN in 1985. Always passionate about wine, Michael decided to team up with Andrew in wine exports, and Lighthouse Trading came to fruition in late 2018.

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